Welcome to Impex

Our Mission

To transform products into reliable and safe social tools to their operators.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding company, creating long term value with excellency, passion for people and society safety.

Our Values

1  Life matters most
2  Value the social agents
3   Safeguard the society
4  Preserve ethicals values
5  Do what is right
6  Contribute to progress

Who we are

Impex is a player with a market vision in parallel to new approaches both to manufacturers and clients.

The Impex team understands that market evolves in a dynamic way and heavy and old-fashioned structures no longer survive in the relation between the supplier and the end-user.

Impex believes that market dynamics nowadays requires a low-profile, yet aggressive, approach in a business environment where players feel comfortable to carry negotiations, in order to achieve success in the business transactions.

Impex is committed to replicate the successful business transaction in a long-term partnership with its clients.

Making The World Safer