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We provide local agency services to foreign manufactures that want to operate in the Brazilian territory.

We prospect the local market to search for business opportunities that may fit manufactures and clients needs.

We work with reliable, certified and innovative products that represent the best solution available to cover client’s need.

Our Company

Impex Representações Comerciais Ltda. is a Brazilian company that, based on high commercial standards, represents and develops the local market to foreign manufacturers.

The products we represent in Brazil are associated to high quality and state of art technology. Our product line includes vehicles, boats, rescue, PPE and optical equipment.

Our business is divided into two main business areas:

 →  Protection

 →  Rescue

IMPEX operates in the Brazilian territory and is focused in providing the best technological solutions available to military fire brigades, military police, government and private sector.

We have extensive experience in developing market and introducing high-quality products to clients. 


New products are constantly being developed and we are always searching for solutions to our clients' problems.

We can offer solutions that are effective both in terms of cost to our clients and commercially interesting to our manufacturers.

Reliability all along

Our services are offered all over the Brazilian territory by means of a highly committed team, working closely in contact to client and manufacturer to create a trustful and reliable business environment to all players.

Our Solutions

IMPEX is an agency company that believes that solutions are much more than a simple sale of products. Solutions are a totally different matter where the main objective is to differentiate the customers and the manufacturers, identifying the best deal to each of them.

Our goal is to find a solution that works for clients and manufacturer within an operating space that should clearly belong to each customer and manufacturer and built on a foundation of information and insights that come from the customer and the manufacturer.

We, at IMPEX, believe that the solutions we offer can be more than just supplying the products; and that's why we can offer technical advice and insights too based in the worldwide experience that our companies have acquired conducting business in different countries.

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